Fly Yoga Safety


If you already have more than 50 hours flown, preferably one or more SIV courses (simulation of flight incidents), and you have already tried some Stalls, this course is for you. You will learn to totally dominate the flight of your paraglider, without risks and without fear.

The Fly Yoga Training System has been driving pilots since 2002 looking to the total control of the flight of their paragliders. Based on only 6 simple, safe, practical and progressive exercises, they will be your toolbox for safe flight.

  • Briefings Before Flying
  • Post-Flight Debriefings
  • Exclusive Methodology
  • Analysis of your Videos
  • 2 Acro Tandem Flights
  • Season Coaching

The price of the course includes two Acro Tandems where we will do the basic maneuvers of the acrobatic paraglider. If you do not go for acro, we can change them for up to 4 Tandems with Video and Photos, so your evolution is fast and safe.

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Fly Yoga Safety is made for pilots who are looking for full control of their paragliders. It is based on the Fly Yoga Training System, with only 6 simple, safe and progressive exercises to take you to your goals with paragliding.

If you still don’t know to fly a paraglider, we recommend you to know our Learn Paragliding course, where we will teach you how to fly, safely and progressively. A complete initiation course has the same cost, and a longer duration for a complete training.