Fly Yoga Acro


If you have already done the Fly Yoga Safety you already have everything under control, that is security and the basis of a long life as a paraglider pilot. Some will like what they have learned for their XC flights, and others will be interested in acro. For those we offer:

  • Briefings Before Flying
  • Post-Flight Debriefings
  • Exclusive Methodology
  • Analysis of your Videos
  • Extreme Acro Tandem
  • Season Coaching

The price of the course includes an Extreme Acro Tandem where we will do the maneuvers you want to learn up to the Infinity Tumbling. If you don’t go for it, we can change this flight for 2 Acrobatic Tandem flights, whichever is better for your objectives.

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Fly Yoga Acro is made for pilots who already have full control over their paragliders and mastery of the 6 exercises of the Fly Yoga method and the Fly Back. It is necessary that this is like their “second nature”, that is, that you feel 100% comfortable doing.

If you still do not have full control of your paraglider, it may be best to do the Fly Yoga Safety, where you learn everything you need for your initial progression. If you already master the basics and want to learn acro, Fly Yoga Acrobatics will be better for you.