Fly Coaching

 150,00 / day

For pilots who master Stalls and Fly Back, or for those who want to learn acrobatic maneuvers, it is best to have the attention of a coach. We will work on a proven training plan in more than 20 years of teaching, with:

  • Briefings Before Flying
  • Post-Flight Debriefings
  • Exclusive Methodology
  • Analysis of your Videos
  • Groups up to 5 pilots

If you have questions, please get in touch using our contact page or by clicking on any WhatsApp icon on our site, and we will be in a chat at the moment.

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Flight Coaching is a tool for your training and improvement. If you already know what paragliding is all about and you already master Stalls and Fly Back, a coach can cut years of trial and error.

If you do not have full control of the paraglider, the most suitable is the Fly Yoga Safety, where you learn everything you need to get started. When you have mastered the basics, and if you want to learn acrobatics, a Fly Yoga Acro will be better for you.