Acro Tandem


Fly 20 minutes over the beautiful landscapes of Organyà in Alt Urgell. Discover the Magic Mountain and enjoy the sensations of the flight.

This flight contains extreme emotions! You will fly with an experienced aerobatic pilot and we will do real aerobatic maneuvers in safety, get ready for the most incredible moments of your entire life!

• 1 minute video of your flight in our video gallery
• Gallery with the best 20 photos of your flight in our website

You can share it wherever you want with all your family and friends.

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Enjoy the sensations of flying without needing a course. The experience of flying is unforgettable and is usually one of the most incredible memories of our lives. Try what more than 4 thousand clients have already done in 20 years of activity.

You will fly with an experienced aerobatic pilot, with more than 20 years of acrobatics. One of the few in the world that can take you to fly real acro maneuvers in safety, without having to take a course or be a pilot.

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