Acro Tandem with Uelinton

Acro Tandems Uelinn


Brazilian Uelinton dos Santos lives in Organyà and has met Fly Organyà on take off. He befriended and has been hooked up for a couple of Aerobatic Tandem Flights, with SATs, Fly Backs and Wing Overs. Enjoy it! And we have also taken be...

Tandem with Keith

Keith at the Muntanya Màgica


Keith Silva is Brazilian and lives in the Uited Kingdom. He came to Organyà to visit his relatives who live here, and they have gifted him his first tandem paragliding flight. It has been an incredible flight and the first of many. Look...

Tandem with Giselle

The gift to Giselle


The brazilian Giselle is the mother of little Júlia and she wanted to discover what the feeling of flying is like, and her husband Jordi gave her a two-seater flight with us. Here are some of the highlights of her flight. We took some a...

Tandem with Xavi

Xavi Ubach’s first flight


Xavi Ubach is a local from Organyà and has tried his first flight with us in July 2020. He has really enjoyed the flight and intends to fly again. Here you can see all the best moments of his first paragliding flight: During the flight ...

Tandem with Manu

Manu flies in Organyà


The italian Manuela Bonn came to visit her cousin Omar Gaydou who came to spend the month of July to fly here in Organyà. She liked the flight so much that she decided to repeat it and try flying the paraglider herself. Here are the bes...

Tandem with Fernando

Fernando climbs a way to the sky


Fernando Hidalgo is a climber – @ferclimbs at Instagram –  he was spending time in Coll de Nargó to practice climbing. He has seen the paragliders in Organyà and contacted us for a flight full of oxygen and colors in the Pyrenees. He ...

Tandem with Elodie

Ascen y Elodie fly in Organyà


The friends Ascen de la Torre and Elodie Sagot were enjoying a paragliding flight here in Organyà. They wanted to fly together, and that’s why we made both flights simultaneously. They’ve loved it, and here you can see the best moments ...

Tandem with Dei

Dei Adventure in Organyà


Deimena Drąsutytė is the girlfriend of Nate Murphy and has tried our magic mountain a couple of months after him. She is also a successful YouTuber with interesting and relevant topics. After Nate‘s flight, she came to test the sensati...

Tandem with Nate

Nate Murphy Extended Flight


Nate is a climber and a successful YouTuber, with relevant videos on climbing routes but mainly on van conversions for traveling and climbing. He was with us to finally test the sensations of the flight, he wanted a long time ago and the...

Natalia's first tandem

Natalia had fear of flying


It was her first paragliding flight, and the truth is that she was delighted. So much so that she has already made her second flight, and the third will be briefly. Here you can see the video and photos we took of her first flight, which...

Fly Organyà Small Logo

We are Online!


It is with great pleasure that we go online, and you can from now on buy your tandem flight or paragliding course. Soon we will be open to operations, and the flights already sold will be the first to be attended. Go to our Tandem Flight...