Discover the Flight

Start learning to fly

Quick mini-courses with tandem flights without autonomous flights: learn by flying

Introduction to Flight

Preparation for paragliding learning

The Paragliding Discovery experiences are created for people who want more than just a tandem. You can discover from 1 day to 4 days, and each day has activities that include:

  • Theoretical and Practical morning class with easy-to-use equipment.
  • More Advanced Inflation Techniques and Equipment from the 3rd day.
  • Didactic Tandem Flights, where you pilot the paraglider in flight.

These Experiences were created to introduce the sport to a person possibly interested in a complete course but who is still not sure about it. Therefore, the investment in these mini-courses becomes discounts if you contract a Learning Course.

Discovery 1 Day

Make contact with the paraglider
= 2 classes
+ 1 tandem
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Discovery 2 Days

A deeper contact with the flight
= 4 classes
+ 2 tandems
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Discovery 3 Days

Discover the sensations of piloting
= 6 classes
+ 3 tandems
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Discovery 4 Days

The basis of in-flight safety
= 8 classes
+ 4 tandems
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Frequent Questions

Here are the most frequent questions about the flight