About Us

Who we are and what we come to

Who We Are

The experience of more than 2 decades

Fly Organyà is the realization of the life project of Fabio Fava, pioneer in extreme air sports in Brazil and discoverer of the Rythmic SAT to Infinity Tumbling connection in the beginning of 2005. He has a real love for flying and teaching people what is to fly.

Fabio Fava es el criador de Fly Organyà

What We Come To

Learn about our vision and mission

After meeting The Magic Mountain or The Turbine of Organyà in 2004, Fabio has spent his days preparing to return to each season. The truth is that he has failed a few years, and since 2018 he lives in the town where he has chosen to spend his life.

All who are touched by our energy will benefit in some way

Our Vision

Bring the paraglider to you in such a way that it will completely change your view of the world

Our Mission

Our Providers

We work with the best brands

We work since 2005 with the U-Turn brand, known for the quality and performance of its paragliders. With a level of safety and durability recognized worldwide, it is also well known in the aerobatic paraglider market.

Logomarca U-Turn

Fly Organyà Club

Fly among friends

For our students and friends who always fly here in Organyà, we have created the Fly Organyà Sports Club. To be able to fly here, you need to have your personal insurance with civil liability, and for this we make it easy for you to focus on flying.

If you love flying, you love flying Organyà and you like good vibes and friendship, positivity and being well with friends, because we invite you to join the Club, where you will have your insurance included for 1 year, and the monthly fees already pay next year.